The Types of Corporate Videos

Videos and their online publishing have gone through the transition of being just a pastime of the trendy population to becoming integral to the marketing strategies of different businesses. Now, it is an essential for a business if they wish to reach out to their audiences. It has become a common practice to have a corporate video on the home page of the company website so that the consumers can learn more about them with ease. If you too are planning to make use of a corporate video for your upcoming campaign, you can consider using any of the following types:

Broadcast Commercial

Corporate videos in this category can be relatively expensive, though they are very much capable of bringing in a high ROI if displayed adequate number of times on the right platform. Broadcast commercials can also be telecast on television, which contributes to it being costlier than the others in this list.


Company Profile 

Such videos are used by the companies for the purpose of introducing their product, branding, or services to the consumers. These could include a message from a senior official of the company who can add credibility to the same. These messages address your target audience and beyond. You can also include the background of the company comprising of the history, the mission statement and their marketing proposition. This gives the viewers an insight into the purpose of your business.


If you can have your product reviewed by your customers, it helps you to connect with and give confidence to the potential customers. The opinion of an existing user matters a lot. Online shoppers rely on the reviews posted by them and judge whether a product is worth adding to their shopping list. This is how customers investigate if the products meet the expectations that are generated by the advertising and promotions.

Promotional Video 

These are similar to but not the same as TV commercials as the latter is not produced with the intent of online consumption. Promotional videos can be distributed through various media such as through DVDs, social media and even as a package with other media. The main purpose of the videos is to showcase the brand and its offerings.


Recruitment Drive 

Some videos are created solely with the aim of attracting employees at different levels. It could be to head a new project or to have some entry level employees. The videos are created to present your company as a lucrative employer to get the best employees from the job market. These are helpful for the HR department over and above the classifieds on the various recruitment portals and sites.



You can use real life events to promote your company. If your company has hosted an event to celebrate an achievement or a milestone, leverage it to show your audiences how you value your employees and cherish the moments. These make your success evident to the customers as well as to any new employees, giving them greater confidence in their choice. It is a good idea to share these on your website and social media. These can double up as an archive to display the history of your company.  The events covered should also include any conference or seminars.

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